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Facebook integration for webtrees genealogy software

Download v1.0-beta.6 as a .zip file Download v1.0-beta.6 as a tar.gz file

webtrees Facebook Module

Facebook integration for webtrees genealogy software.

All of the authentication is done on the server-side so no external JavaScript files are needed.

See how easy it is for a pre-approved Facebook account to login for the first time:


Screenshot of the configuration page Screenshot of the login button



  1. Install the module by extracting/cloning the directory with the name facebook inside /modules_v3/.
  2. In the 'administration' section of your webtrees site, visit the 'Modules' page and check the box to enable the 'Facebook' module and then click 'Save'.
  3. If you don't have a Facebook Developer account, create one at
  4. If you don't already have a Facebook application setup for the site, visit and set one up by clicking 'Create a New App' from the Apps menu and specify a 'Display Name' and 'Category'.
    • Once the App is created, click the 'Settings' menu and put your domain name (e.g. in the 'App Domains' field.
    • Click 'Add platform', choose 'Website' and enter your 'Site URL' (e.g.
    • Click 'Save Changes'.
  5. Specify the Facebook API App ID and Secret at {WEBTREES_ROOT}/module.php?mod=facebook&mod_action=admin which is accessible as a 'Facebook' link from the bottom of the administration menu.

Known Issues